Jill Targer Fine Art Originals:  Gallery of Paintings

All of the original watercolor or silk on canvas paintings pictured
are available as Limited Edition GICLEE Prints

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Blue Moon Home on the range
Beneath the Surface Winescape Herd it From the Grapevine Arch Rivals
paint the town red bring on the crackers
reach for the stars
ah western wines red white and beer
its a party
smile if you love red
party time
happy home
harvest time, foxen canyon
so many choices
triple pears busy kitchen odd one out batter up tulips plus
ready for anything
follow the leader
no fishing week at the beach
spirited poppys
thriller tryptich
pow wow
bubble bounce
the garden path gutsy and gutless

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What is a Silk Painting?

My silk paintings, including scarves, are original one-of-a-kind paintings.  However, instead of paper or canvas, I paint directly on a piece of silk.  The silk is stretched taut on a frame, and dyes and resists are applied using watercolor brushes and applicators.  After I’ve completed the painting, the colors are permanently set by steaming.  Next, the piece is dry cleaned and/or hand washed to remove excess dye , then ironed.

 If the artwork description is “silk on canvas,” the finished piece of painted silk is bonded to a prepared canvas using UV-protective acrylic varnish.  In this way, your original silk painting is protected from sun damage and dirt.  This finishing process assures that your artwork will be enjoyed for generations.

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